Frequently asked questions

What is a Proadhesive?

It is a service that we offer our athletes so that they can design their high quality vinyl of a simple, fast and cheap way. By the form of your flag or personal icon.

How are the adhesives?

  • Stickers in sticker format. These adhesives are those that are formed from always rectangular geometries. By limiting the rectangle to the geometry of the object to be printed.
  • Adhesives in cut format. These are the ones that are made up of independent geometries. We never have a background, each element is independent of one another.

 Proadhesive cut vinyl

What is its operation?

The operation of the service is simple. We land on the homepage and choose our favorite sport. Once inside we choose the dimensions of our adhesive and we begin to personalize it with our flag or personal icon. We choose if we want transparent background or any other color. We select the typography and its color. Once we have the custom vinyl we can make other designs by applying all the previous actions. The next step is to select the pack that interests us the most for our needs. Finally, a summary of the product to be purchased with the option of adding a coupon of the contracted product is displayed. If we accept our order summary, click "Buy" and we will see the Paypal screen with which we can pay through our card or our Paypal account.

Adhesive dimensions

We offer 3 dimensions to choose from. The length of the adhesive can vary depending on the number of characters of the customer's name and surname. We always start from the dimensions exposed on the web and can be increased or reduced depending on the number of characters or elements of the design. Buying a Pro pack will get the three dimensions of the same design.

  • 90x10 mm
  • 135x15 mm
  • 180x20 mm

How are paddle pad protectors? Tips for buying

Paddle pad protectors are high-adhesion calendered vinyls printed in full color with a micro-engraved engraving.

We advise that paddle blades that want to place this type of vinyl are free of any plastic protector or other material that may hinder the adhesion of the adhesive.

 Paddle protector

How is the paddle pad protector placed?

Do not the predefined packs fit my sports equipment?

It is possible that some client does not satisfy the packs defined by us. We are open to make a customized pack meeting the demands of the customer. Sending an email or filling out the contact form.

Does the color chosen for my design on the web differ from the one I print?

It can be the case that the colors shown on the web can vary their tonality when they are printed since we are working on two different color palettes. We will always try to get as close as possible to the tone chosen by the customer.

Payment method?

  • Bank transfer
    Make your payment directly to our bank account. Remember to indicate the number of your order, which you will receive after completing your purchase, as a payment concept. The process of processing an order will not start until payment has been received.

    You can make your transfers to the following bank account:
    IBAN: ES68 0049 1247 0625 1021 9201

  • Credit card
    Pay with your credit card with Stripe, a secure authenticated payment platform.

If Paypal does not ask me for address information?

If we are registered users with the platform Paypal. This interprets as the shipping address you entered when you registered. If you have changed and you have not been to the case, I would beg you to notify me in [email protected].

How long will my shipment take?

The delivery times for paddle pad protectors are usually 2 weeks and for the rest of designs are about 14 working days always trying to reduce the term, except geographical points where distance involves more time. TRANSPORTATION COSTS ARE INCLUDED.

Type of transport?

We can find 3 types of transport according to their amount:

  • Amount less than 30€. All orders less than 30€, transport will be by ordinary mail.
  • Amount greater than 30€. All orders over 30€, transportation will be by registered mail.
  • Amount greater than 50€. All orders over 50€, shipping will be by courier within 72 hours.

How is the quality?

More than 30 years of experience in the world of printing supports us. Quality is our main weapon to compete and we can assure you that our technology is the most important in the sector. Vinyls are adhesives of high quality and durability that adapt to any surface to be bonded and material such as metal, wood, plastic, paper.

If we receive the damaged adhesives?

If the package has been damaged it will be replaced by a new one. I would only ask you to attach a picture of the damaged vinyl, sending it to: [email protected].

I do not know how to resize my logo?

If you are in a hurry and do not know how to resize your logo, do not worry. Send us this logo to perform the resizing tasks. Only the tasks of resizing are carried out and if it is necessary to pass the logo in a vectorial way the client is informed of its cost.

Where we are?

We are in Girona, Spain
Pou del Glaç nº35 baixos - Olot