Stickers for Wilier Triestina


  • Complete set for the two wheels
  • The game contains 12 pieces + 1 extra
  • Indicate the color of the sticker
  • Choose the profile of the wheel
  • Made of high quality vinyl for exteriors

* If required by the customer we can modify the dimensions of the adhesives, as long as the modifications do not exceed the printing sheet.

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These adhesives have no base background, each element is independent of each other. In other words, the bottom is the surface where we applied the adhesive.

* All exposed adhesives have been designed by the Proadhesive team, they are not original. They are replicas to restore the original component for new vinyls. They do not match 100% with the original adhesive in terms of measurements, design and color. The adhesive that is exposed on the web is exactly the one that is manufactured. If you want to make changes in measurements, dimensions and colors you can contact [email protected].


  • Support paper or silicone paper
  • Vinyl adhesive
  • Conveyor.
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