Información S.O.S Rider

¿ What’s S.O.S Rider ?

SOS Rider  is a personalized identification plate with your vital data in case of emergency. Attached dimensions of the piece:

Characteristics of the material: Download technical sheet

¿ Where it is placed ?

This piece is integrated into the belts of 15mm, 16mm and 14mm helmets, such as helmets for cyclists, skiers, motorcyclists or other sports that can carry this type of strap.

¿ What is your function ?

In case of accident, they can identify you, contact your family and know your possible allergies and blood group.

¿ What’s your  target  ?

This product is aimed at cyclists, motorcyclists, skiers and other group of athletes who wear the helmet as a protection measure in their daily training.

Three types of packs:

  • Pack mini –It consists of 1 pc of SOS Rider and a spare sticker with your identification data.
  • Pack Básico –It consists of 2 units of SOS Rider and two spare stickers with your identification data.
  • Pack Pro – It consists of 2 pieces of SOS Rider and two spare stickers with your identification data + 10 stickers with your name and flag of 90 x 10 mm.

¿ How it is placed ?

Integra SOS Rider in only 3 steps :

  • Step 1 –Choose the strap you want to integrate with SOS Rider. Important to choose a belt that is well displayed in case of accident.


  • Step 2 –Slide a tab of the SOS piece to the side of the strap and insert it.

  • Step 3- Then shrink the strap and insert it on the other side of the tab to leave it flat.