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How to remove the motorcycle vinyl?

If you ever make the decision to remove the vinyl from your motorcycle, because you no longer like it, or because it is damaged, it is important that you bear in mind that it is a very powerful adhesive.

Do not remove it hastily, because you can also take the risk of removing the tank paint, fenders and other painted parts.

Something you have to keep in mind is that the paint under the vinyl has not been exposed to the sun, so it is very likely that when removing the sticker the silhouette is in a tone somewhat different from the paint that was on the air .

Another detail to consider is that the vinyls that come from the factory, in general, are applied before adding the varnish of the final finish. In these cases, it is advisable not to remove them, unless you plan to paint the motorcycle.

If you use chemical products to remove the vinyl, you run the risk of handling flammable substances and that can affect your health in some way.

There is a simpler method to do this job safely and achieve an impeccable result.

Here we tell you, step by step, how to remove the vinyl from your motorcycle so that you can do it like a professional. Can you come with us?

Steps to remove a motorcycle vinyl

To remove the motorcycle vinyl, you must have a heat gun, a device similar to a hair dryer, but more powerful.

What’s more, if you’re not sure about investing in a heat gun, or just want to remove a small vinyl, you can try a simple hair dryer first.

With caution, make sure that the power cable of the heat gun or the dryer is not in contact with water, since you could suffer an accident by electrical contact.

Once you have your heat gun or your hair dryer ready to use, with great patience and without rushing, follow the steps described below.

How to remove a motorcycle vinyl

  1. Apply heat over an area of ​​the vinyl. This causes the glue to loosen and lose its adhesive property. Keep the air stream pointing to the same area to heat the vinyl well.
  2. Very gently, but firmly, lift one of the corners of the vinyl, if it does not separate easily, you will need to continue applying heat until you can do it. In case of using a spatula, it must be made of rubber or plastic, so as not to scratch the paint on the motorcycle.
  3. When you start to take off the bike’s vinyl, do it very slowly and apply constant hot air. If at any time you find it difficult to continue taking off, stop and apply more heat.
  4. Make the process with little by little, to make sure that you are removing the vinyl from the bike and that the painting remains intact.
  5. When you finish removing the vinyl from the bike, it is important that you clean the area with a soft cloth impregnated with alcohol, to remove the traces of glue.

With these simple steps and a little skill, you can get the result you want.