Custom padel protectors

Custom padel protectors

How to take care of your padel racket?

Paddle tennis is one of the sports that increases the most in practitioners every year and it is no coincidence since its benefits are multiple.

In Spain, paddle tennis is the favorite sport when it comes to racket sports. It is the second most practiced sport in summer since it is played outdoors, it favors socialization and with little time all the muscles are trained.

Among its benefits, the following can be listed:

  • Improves reflexes and concentration. During a paddle tennis match, you must always be aware of the ball. Therefore, paddle tennis is a physical activity that will strengthen your reflexes and improve your concentration.
  • Improve your physical and mental fitness. Throughout a paddle tennis match you can burn between 400 and 700 calories. If you combine the practice of paddle tennis with a healthy diet you will lose weight and feel better physically and mentally.

  • Tones the muscles. Paddle tennis is a very complete sport that tones the legs and buttocks thanks to the constant movement in search of the ball and thanks to a waiting position where the legs must be semi-flexed.
  • Take care of your heart. One of the best benefits of padel practice is that it takes care of your heart. As it is an aerobic activity, paddle tennis helps you keep your heart young and is effective in preventing aging. A game raises your heart rate, improves blood flow and increases your resistance, benefiting cardiovascular health and improving respiratory capacity by better oxygenating muscles and brain.
  • Strengthens social relationships. Being a sport in pairs, paddle tennis reinforces social relationships. You will be able to meet new people and make new friends, due to the complicity that is required with your partner.

There are so many benefits that we can receive from this sport, that the least we can do is take care of the utensils that allow us to practice it, for example, the paddle tennis racket which we can protect against bumps and dirt with a custom padel racket protector.

How to take care of your paddle tennis racket?

If you have a paddle tennis racket you should know that they are similar to tennis rackets, but their durability and resistance is inferior. Tennis rackets usually last for years and you hardly have to change the strings. However, padel rackets generally last less, only a few months. Hopefully a paddle tennis racket can last you a year and a little more, it will depend on the use you give it.

In order to extend the life of your paddle tennis racket, it is best to follow a series of care tips:

  • Care for the padel racket handle

    The fist represents an important part of the racket and directly influences the game. For this reason it is important to keep it in good condition. You must bear in mind that it is the only part of the racket that will always be in contact with your hand, both during the match and after it has finished, since you will take your paddle racket to a safe place.

    That constant friction with your hand, together with the sweating caused by physical effort, will cause your grip/overgrip to wear out on your racket. The fist should always be in perfect condition, otherwise this will work against you since it can harm you when handling it easily.

    Our recommendation would be that, just like the pros, you have up to 7 overgrips on your grip. The ideal is to use a grip and over it an overgrip. The amount will really depend on the size of your hand.

  • Care for the padel racket frame

    The frame is the part of the racket that receives the most impacts. This can hit the ground or a wall, affecting its structure and forming future cracks. Although we try to avoid it at all costs, these blows are inevitable.

    The only solution will be to apply custom padel protectors to try to reduce the effect of these impacts on your racket. Try to choose the lightest ones so that they do not affect your game. Some weigh as little as 10 grams.

  • Care for the surface of the paddle tennis racket

    Many paddle players, at the end of the match, usually keep the racket in the paletero without paying attention to its state. Follow the following recommendations to take care of your racket after a match:

    • Do not leave it exposed to the sun or high temperature for too long. Your rubber can be affected by heat. Make sure to store it in the paletero when the temperature is high since accumulating days and days exposed to the sun will wear down its structure.
    • If you play padel in winter and, after a match, your padel racket ends up wet, make sure to dry it completely before storing it in the padel racket. You should never store it wet. Drying it will simply lengthen its lifespan.
    • Clean your shovel, dry or wet. Wear appropriate fabrics. You can use alcohol or glass cleaner to remove any dirt or sweat.

Are custom padel protectors really useful?

As mentioned before, the frame of the paddle tennis racket is the one who receives all the blows against the ground or the walls of the court. Sometimes they are light blows, others of great impact that could cause damage to the structure. A very simple and economical way to cushion shocks and protect your racket is by using paddle racket protectors.

Its usefulness is proven. In the same way that we take care of our Smartphone with protective covers, we should take care of the blades of our favorite sport. If we want to keep them in good condition, we must protect it with a padel racket protector, which can be customized to our personal taste.

Where to get custom padel protectors?

If your favorite sport is paddle tennis, surely you want to take the best care of your paddle tennis racket and at Proadhesive you can get custom padel protectors entirely to your liking. You can create the design yourself and give it your personal, unique and original touch to distinguish it from the rest.

In Proadhesive you can choose between several models and colors. You can choose the images that best represent you and, if you wish, put your name on the padel racket protector in order to differentiate it from the rest.